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Simpsons Heritage collection adds new “Pencil” golf bag for Hickory Golf

Leather and canvas “Pencil” Golf Bag

Our pencil golf bag is the perfect solution for the serious collector or hickory golfer. It has been designed in a Traditional Hickory Style measuring approximately 84cm tall and 11cms in diameter.  Designed to carry 6 or 7 clubs comfortably it is manufactured using a strong canvas combined with real leather on belts and strong buckles on the straps.

The design incorporates the best features of several original canvas & leather pencil bags – so there is plenty of room for balls, gloves, tees and other accessories. There is even room for a lightweight rain jacket. In fact, there are three pockets 1. Measuring approximately 29cm x 10cm x 6cm with a 30cm zip opening along the top and sides; 2. Measuring 33cms x 20cms with a 30cm centre zip and flap cover fastened with Velcro zip; and 3. An additional pocket measuring 21cm x 12cm with a pocket flap cover fastened with Velcro.

This lightweight bag is approximately 0.8 kilos making it easy to carry and comfortable to play with. The canvas and leather shoulder strap is 4cm at its widest and has a sturdy but comfortable handle making it easy to carry when lifting or moving it around the course. It also looks great and authentic.

Another great heritage product from the original official golf pro shop at Carnoustie established in 1883 by Robert Simpson alongside his brothers Jack and Archie.

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